OVP Coaching is giving you the chance to help your kids step up and make positive changes to the way they view and do their studying. The school year passes very quickly and you don't want to leave your kids on the back foot. Exams no matter what they think of them are important. How much revision and when to revise is not an exact science. So what's the best way to tackle this? To get the results you know they are capable of takes effort, persistence, resilience and courage. That is not an easy list for most us to keep up with. So to keep them encouraged and motivated to do well enroll them on The Path To Success program.
The Path To Success
Online Programs
These programs nurture personal development and leadership in young teens. OVP Success Coaches are ready and waiting to work with teens who are laser focused and willing to reach beyond gold. 
Having like-minded young people in a dedicated community, committed to making effective changes and achieving their goals is essential to any young achiever looking success.
To ensure they get the results they are capable of the program instills in the a sense of dedication to make lasting change and achieve goals.
These programs bring ownership and self worth to the processes held within the book series The Path To Success. 
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The Path To Success Mastermind Community
This Mastermind program brings ownership to the processes held within the book The Path To Success. Bringing like-minded young people into a community that are dedicated and to making lasting change in order to fulfill their goals. What's included? The Path To Success Book Online materials Six week program Position at the virtual mastermind table Weekly conference calls 60 minute context call with hot seat Q&A session Email question reviews and feedback *Also includes Bonus Week for successful attendees
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TPT Success Mastermind Elite
This Mastermind program brings personal accountability to the process held within the book The Path To Success. Bringing together a group of like-minded young people who are dedicated and to making lasting and effective changes to fulfill their goals and purpose life. What's included? The Path To Success Book Online materials and exclusive downloads Six week personalised program Limited virtual seats per mastermind group Weekly conference calls 90 minute context input with Q&A Personal Action Point reviews and feedback Includes Bonus Week for successful attendees *All meetings are confidential. Complete respect for each participant’s privacy and time is exercised.
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The Path To Self Discovery
This is the ultimate one to one personal development program for teens. Our Success Coach will work one on one with teens who are laser focused and willing to reach beyond gold. Your child will only be accepted upon successful completion of our application and interview process. We will without doubt spur them on and nurture their academic and entrepreneurial skills. However, encouraging them to achieve their goals and continue to strive for excellence through independent inspiration is key to see their success. Includes: 30 minute DISC assessment and feedback 60 minute Self Discovery assessment and review 60 minute Academic Study Assessment and review 7 x 60 minute personal development and progress ***BONUS*** You will also receive the full TPT book series ***BONUS*** +If for any reason you decide to cancel prior to the start of the program or your child is not accepted to the program you will receive a refund minus administration and assessment costs of £50
Right thoughts - Right actions
Making improvements no matter how big or small is all that is needed to encourage young minds to do more. Celebrating the wins and evaluating the learning points will move teens forward in life. 
The right thoughts bring about more positive actions and positive actions lead to success. Enter your details now and we will send you an order form so you can enroll your child on one of our programs.